Recently, I came into contact with Camille and Jacob Whiting to do a couples portrait session. We connected through Instagram where I learned that Camille and Jacob are incredible influencers who focus on family and creative date ideas for their followers! We decided to create images they could use on their social platforms as well as their blogs. Learn more about them on their website

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Setting up the Session

We decided on downtown Gilbert, AZ, also known as the Heritage District. The Heritage District has a wide variety of shops and restaurants. In the evening, there’s lots of lights and neon signs which make for interesting backgrounds! We planned on documenting one of their date nights as they walked around and while they got ice cream. We found an evening that worked with both of our schedules and set it on the calendar.

Shooting the Whiting’s Portrait Session

We met by the water tower in the Heritage District which is an iconic location in Downtown Gilbert. Since Camille and Jacob focus on date nights for their followers, we met after sunset, which is unique for a couples portrait session. We explored downtown Gilbert, getting shots here and there before getting ice cream at Petersen’s Ice Cream and Cafe.

Check out the images from our shoot below!

April 10, 2021

Couples Portrait Session in Gilbert