I'm a professional, full-time, published photographer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Before any shoot, I'm available to talk on the phone and meet in person to discuss your media needs

All sessions include at least 1-2 images that are edited with the most advanced techniques in Photoshop.
 Send me a message with any questions or to schedule your photo shoot using my contact form or phone number below.

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Getting the Best for You!

For the person who wants photography done right, and customized to their specific needs, this is the right place. Just about any motivated person with a recent cell phone can take a decent portraits or headshots with. Andrew Millett Photography is about standing out and feeling confidence with service and quality. My team of fashion stylists and makeup artists seek to provide a variety of options to be affordable and high quality to cater to diverse needs. This makes Andrew Millett Photography one of the best photographers in Phoenix, Arizona. 

My style is vibrant, sharp, with a significant amount of contrast to create images that pop off the screen and grab attention. 

My professional gear is a Canon 5D Mark IV and use the Canon 6D as a backup and for video projects. I use a variety of high end lenses to get different perspectives, and create different image effects.

About Me

My career originally was in finance. I worked at two brokerage firms- first Charles Schwab, followed by Vanguard and before those I worked at the online payment processing service, PayPal.

While working at Vanguard, I began editing in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects. I worked on video projects for Vanguard and studied daily about photography while attending seminars and acquiring mentors. For a long time, full-time photography felt like it was just a bit of a fantasy. But, as I was transitioning to another firm, I decided that it would be much more fulfilling to pursue my passion as a photographer. I'm a strong believer in investing for one's future, whether it be time, engergy or money. Thus, I preferred to invest myself fully in a craft I love and could dedicate myself completely.