A short while ago I had a fun portrait session with Bree! She needed portraits done to celebrate her becoming a Registered Dental Hygienist. She wanted something with a rustic, rural look for her photos, so I suggested Tumbleweed Ranch!

Tumbleweed Ranch is within a large park and recreational area in Chandler, AZ. It has a grove of trees, two old, rustic looking houses, farm equipment, and old trucks. These not only provide a great atmosphere, but also lots of shade which is useful for creating wonderful photos. For family portraits with young kids, this ranch can be entertaining during and after a portrait session.

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Setting up Bree’s Portrait Session

Bree found my information through Yelp! She searched through the various photographer businesses, before reaching out to me for pricing information. We talked about her needs and why she wanted to have a portrait session at this time. Bree wanted to celebrate and tell friends and family she was finishing her schooling to become a Registered Dental Hygienist. We selected a package that fit her needs and budget and set up a time and date to shoot at Tumbleweed Ranch.

Shooting Bree’s Portrait Session

The day of the shoot, Bree and her mother met with me at Tumbleweed Ranch. We shot in the afternoon, about 2pm. I used lighting equipment to help compensate for the harsh afternoon sunlight. We also shot in the shade from buildings and trees which helps get an evenly lit image. Bree and her mom were so sweet, friendly and easy to work with. Check out the images we created together in the gallery below!


March 19, 2021

Portrait Session at Tumbleweed Ranch