Example of 'Advanced' Tier Portrait Edit

Edits of the above image include:
-Contoured parents' faces 
-Added volume to hair
- Removed/lightened eyebags
-Removed bra strap from mother's arm
-Enhanced body shapes
-Sharpened eyes and added highlights to irises
-Enhanced hair highlights

Example of 'Ultra' tier Family Portrait Edit

Edits of the above image include:
-Lowered hairline
-Reduced forehead and cheek shine
-Slimmed body
-Removed eyebags
-Detailed contouring
-Removed double-chin
-Changed shirt color from blue to white and gray at the client's request


Example of 'Ultra' tier Headshot Edit

Below is an example of a Hollywood Effect style editing of a fashion portrait session.

Edits of the above image include:
-Enhanced background with textures
-Added more color and warmth to skin
-Slimmed body, sculpted muscles more
-More pronounced hair highlights, cheekbones and makeup.


Edits of the above image include:
-Perfecting existing makeup and contouring
-Removed skin blemishes
-Enhanced background and created painting fade effect using digital paint brushes that mimic organic painting 
-Slimmed body and arm
- Sharpened and brightened eyes as well as glitter, tears, and crown


Examples of 'Hollywood effect' tier Portraits Edit

We offer 4 different tiers of editing, which includes Basic, Advanced, Ultra, and Hollywood Effect.

Basic - includes correcting colors, cropping the image, adjusting contrast and exposure, and other general adjustments to the image.

Advanced - In addition to Basic, we also remove blemishes, slimming, add volume to hair, and some light contouring.

Ultra - In addition to Basic and Advanced, we go much more detailed on the contouring, remove eyebags, remove double chins, teeth whitening,  and enhance hair highlights. 

'Hollywood Effect' - This includes everything from Basic, Advanced, and Ultra, but adds in creativity to the edit. This generally is done adding textures to the image, adding a painting type effect to the image (examples below), and a whole range of creative options for an artistic effect. This will surely be eye-catching, unique, and impressive.

4Tiers of Editing

As a photography business, we strive to capture as much of the final image as possible while shooting. Minor cosmetic flaws, such as blemishes or acne, become much more noticeable when frozen in an unedited, or lightly edited image. It's simply not fair, that no matter how hard we work on ourselves, our common flaws distract from the image of ourselves we wish to communicate. With digital editing, we tip the scales back in our favor.

We have incredible digital makeup options at our disposal to show our best side (see editing before and after's below). A portrait session isn't about documenting all of our skin flaws or weight at a particular time in life. It's about sharing a message about ourselves, communicating accomplishments, or displaying emotions we want to publicly share, like happiness, love, confidence, and optimism.

Let's work together and create a true art piece.

Editing and Why we love it

Edits of the above image include:
-Cleaned up fly away hair 
-Light contouring to face and blemish removal
- Raised jaw line
-Slimmed torso

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