Great couple‚Äôs photos come from the couple truly being themselves with each other on camera. Whether it’s playful, contemplative, or romantic, it’s important to be comfortable and genuine on camera. When the shoot begins, having the couple feel at ease is one of Andrew Millett Photograhy’s top priorities. A few simple tips that can help convey comfort and emotion are having the couple slightly lean into one another or toward the camera. Avoid making your shoulders straight and perpendicular with your spine, as that tends to convey discomfort or tenseness. It’s important to remember how you hold your gaze as well. If the eyes are too far open, you may appear scared or surprised. Slightly narrow your eyes, somewhere between your eyes naturally open and a squint. Suddenly, your eyes convey drive, action, and confidence.

Andrew Millett Photography does great and affordable engagement photos in Phoenix starting at $150, which includes hours of editing in Adobe Lightroom. Packages starting at $200 and higher include editing in Adobe Photoshop. Photo shoots that are an hour in duration are typically great for couples that simply need to get invitations out or anyone needing quality images quickly and on a smaller budget. However, if there are various outfits or locations, the photo shoot may feel rushed. It’s better to allow more time for these activities, so just reach out to me if you would like to discuss your engagement pictures!