I had a senior graduation photo shoot the other day with Camille at the Lost Dutchman National Park. This is an amazing location, especially at sunrise. I recommend getting there at sunrise if you can. Waking up as early as we did to get there (about 5:30am) was a challenge. One of the nicest things about getting there at sunrise, is it’s before all the other photographers and hikers show up. This is a very popular trail for hikers and photographers alike, so it was nice to not compete for spots or avoid having people behind Camille when taking pictures.

We were the first ones on that trail that morning. We had to wait for the park ranger to unlock the gate right as we arrived before they had opened for public use that morning. The hike has a bunch of great views and spots for photos. On the trail, there are old, rustic fences to sit on and a great view leading up to the mountain. There’s also giant, beautiful saguaros easily accessible along the path. We spent two hours at sunrise to get different shots and most people started arriving as we were leaving at about 7:30am-8am. Since the location looked great and Camille had a lot of fantastic poses for women, I wanted to share the images from our shoot. The poses that Camille demonstrates can be used by most women to create a natural, elegant, and comfortable way of presenting oneself on camera.